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Our compassionate and experienced team of medical physicians and administrative staff are committed to working together to provide optimum health and healing for individuals by utilizing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, nutritional therapy, and more.

Our medical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual health is constantly changing.

Why Choose Integrative Medicine?

The primary goal of integrative medicine is to maximize each individual’s ability to experience optimal vitality and wellness, whatever their current state of health may be. We believe that there is a powerful interrelationship between the mind, body, spirit and community. We also believe that the interplay of these components has direct correlation to a person’s health and wellness; and that a dynamic, constantly shifting balance exists as each of us moves through the daily stressors of our lives.

Because our patients, particularly those over 30, face an escalating life span in an increasingly fast-paced and demanding technological society, there is the need to develop comprehensive, dynamically responsive health care plans for optimal well-being accompanied by a full range of healing resources. Some of our most needed services include natural hormone replacement therapy and chelation therapy.

Our Physicians Offer a Wide Variety of Treatments

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Personalized Wellness Plans

We focus on assisting our patients in the creation of personalized wellness plans for optimal health that are as responsive to a patient’s initial concerns as they are to their changing health care needs, taking into consideration all aspects of well-being. They include recommendations from a wide range of appropriate therapeutic interventions from a combination of conventional and complementary -alternative practices. Some of our personalized plans include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and chelation therapy.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a treatment used to help patients with heavy metal poisoning, and it is also used for the treatment of ailments including heart disease, autism, and more. By the administration of chelating agents heavy metals are removed from the body. Call us to discuss if chelation therapy is right for you, 727-786-1661.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy assists in treating pre-menopausal, menopausal and peri-menopausal women and andropause in men. This type of therapy is often referred to as natural hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may outweigh the risks of traditional hormone therapy. Many patients who utilize bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, instead of undergoing traditional hormone replacement therapy, experience less side effects. Some symptoms that may be treated with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy include; weight gain, sleeplessness, depression, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, hair loss, and more.

Make an appointment with one of our bioidentical hormone doctors to see if this treatment is right for you.