“For years I’d been searching for a doctor who would be the perfect bridge between the allopathic and holistic approaches to health and healing…Despite my healthy lifestyle, I had been feeling increasingly uncomfortable and unwell.  I knew I needed help.

I was delighted to find Dr. Les Cole at Vital Well-Being in Tarpon Springs!  He is a medical doctor with extensive experience in functional and preventive medicine. He is very knowledgeable about supplements, nutrition, bio-identical hormones and other remedies that contribute to long-term well being.  He is sincerely interested in the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Cole reviewed my history, listened to me compassionately, prescribed appropriate tests, thoroughly reviewed results, patiently answered my questions and suggested a plan of action that was as natural as possible.  I’m feeling much better.  As I get stronger, we continue to modify the strategy.

 Dr. Cole has become a trusted wellness-care partner.  My appointments with him are informative, encouraging and enjoyable.  He obviously loves assisting his patients in becoming healthier and improving quality of life.

Alternative health-care can be pricey.  Dr. Cole is worth it and so am I.”

Alona,  Port Richey, Florida

“I had been feeling OK and thought to myself that this is what my life was going to be like learning to live with my thyroid problems….all the extra pounds, the constant fatigue, every afternoon curling up to take a nap. I had seen a highly recommended doctor in the area who was widely published and had also spent thousands of dollars at the Mayo Clinic trying to get to the bottom of my problems, so I was quite sure this was as good as it was going to get. It was my daughter who found Dr. Bradshaw at the Vital Well-being Center for me….and I thank God every day she did!!!!  Here was someone who listened to me and did not sit there watching the clock. Her easy manner and quick smile put me at ease as I talked to her. I have now been seeing the doctor for about a year and a half and today I am a totally different woman. The wellness that I now enjoy is truly incredible and you can be sure I never ever miss an appointment with Dr. Bradshaw…they are the equivalent of pure gold to me. I travel extensively with my family again-once something to be dreaded; I am very active again in my art career and also in the family horse business. I think to myself who is this new woman with such vitality and such a positive outlook on life. With Dr. Bradshaw’s help I have come back home to the true me.”


“My name is Barbara and I had some health issues at the age of 58 that were diagnosed by Dr. Bradshaw at the Vital Well-Being Center to be hormone and thyroid related. I am interested in homeopathies, herbal and natural healing if and when possible. A beautiful lady working in a health food store recommended Dr. Bradshaw at the Vital Well-Being Center. It has been an amazing experience. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, but also practices Integrated Medicine. That was what I was looking for. They ran the saliva test and prescribed the bio identical hormones. We have had to make a few adjustments as my body would take on too much or not enough. My thyroid medication also a compound, so in my concept both Rx’s are compounded for me personally. Dr. Bradshaw takes the time to talk to you and see what you are about. I have always been in to nutrition too, but sometimes we don’t know exactly what we need. Dr. Bradshaw recommended I see Dr. Elaine Onofrey, who is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. She is a great healer.
She was able to help me cleanse my body of aluminum, which was making my legs jump. More than restless leg syndrome, they seriously would fly off the bed. My dad had Parkinsons, it is known that aluminum is a contributor so I was glad to be clear of it. I am now on the right supplements for me. When I don’t need them anymore, they make the appropriate changes. I could go on about both these Doctors, but I must also say that this is the best office to visit. The nurses and the ladies who are at the front desk, treat each call, each person, each visit as if you are the only one in the house, while taking care of others too. Wonderful smiles and always upbeat! They are precious women. The only down side to feeling healthy, is you don’t have a reason to visit this office!!  I say treat yourself to health…visit the Vital Well-Being Center.”


“My name is Kathy and I would like to tell you a little about myself before I went to see Dr. Bradshaw at Vital Well-Being Center.

I had been on conventional hormones for about 20 years and on thyroid medication for about 8 years. I also had been diagnosed with sleep apnea an was using a C-pap machine. Needless to say I was OVERWEIGHT!  So much so, I had a high sugar count and was borderline diabetic.  I, also, have had allergies and asthma for years. Those are just the medical conditions I had. My energy level, well…I had none.  I couldn’t even enjoy a day at Disney with my grandkids. It was difficult keeping up with them and then I was out of breath and sweating profusely.

My first appointment with Dr. Bradshaw at the Vital Well-Being Center was in August of 2008. When I first thought of going to see her all I wanted was to loose weight. By the time of my appointment, my ankles and feet were so swollen and sore you would have thought I was pregnant.  Not possible. It was then I realized that the most important thing for me was to get healthy. When Dr. Bradshaw said it would take a year or two to get my health to where I wanted to be I thought that is too long.  Like most overweight people I wanted immediate results. Then, I seriously thought about it. It took me years to get in this shape and it wasn’t going to change overnight.

I changed my way of eating, ditched the diet coke and started eating more salads. I also changed to bio-identical hormones and desiccated thyroid medications. It didn’t take long till I was feeling better and my weight as starting to drop. I know they say you can’t loose weight as you get older, YES it is harder but it CAN be done.

I am 61 years old and I have lost 73 lbs!! I no longer have sleep apnea or diabetes! Now I can outlast my grand kids at Disney. I feel as if I have been given a new lease on life.

Thank you Dr. Bradshaw and Vital Well-Being Center for helping me to become a healthy person again.